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In this pop-up episode, Jim interviews Tyler Blair, an account executive with Apptoto; an online scheduling software. Jim’s have been using this software in his Firm and they’re really happy with it. Listen as they go over its different features and advantages. Topics: About Tyler 2 and a half years in Apptoto Answering emails and phone calls; problem solving and troubleshooting Support What Apptoto is Reminders for anyone who needs it Automated solutions Persistent communication with client Flexible service: customizable Rules Robust platform Booking pages Most popular feature Eliminate back and forth communication It looks directly at your calendars and

In this Pop-Up episode, Tyson interviews Ryan Anderson, Co-Founder & CEO of Filevine; a case management software for the modern law firm. Topics: Introduction: what is Filevine? Conversations: Filevine relies on conversational case management All different channels brought to a centralized location An easy answer to: “What’s going on with my case?” If you use email, you know how to use Filevine. Very easy to use. Integration: Filevine is the only case management software on the market that integrates email on local and mobile device Reduction of intra office email Popular features: Text messaging Communication: easy media transfer Reduction of