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In this episode, Jim & Tyson approach how to build an audience; the pure value of a big audience and the different models. Dive in as they talk about how consistency and taking one step at a time can help make a bigger audience, and the importance of adding value and content information to the group. Register to MaxLawCon19, June 6 and 7 in St.Louis. Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel   Topics:   Building an audience Jim > A large audience solves problems Listeners should spend more time building an audience Different ways to build an audience Different Models

In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Jonathan Hawkins, Outside General Counsel to law firms and owner of Law Firm GC. Jonathan is always seeking to avoid lawsuits, has litigated and tried contentious lawyer breakup cases. Listen as they talk about his journey having been through a law firm dissolution himself having an up close the issues that arise and the effects they can have on a law firm and a lawyer’s practice. Register to MaxLawCon19, June 6 and 7 in St.Louis. Reminder: Early bird pricing MaxlawCon expiring payment last day of February. After that price going up! Please subscribe

In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Dayne Phillips, a Criminal Defense Attorney at Price Benowitz LLP. Listen as Dayne tells his story about meeting Seth Price and how he affiliated with him, having the best of both worlds, working as a solo with a big firm backing him up. Topics: Transitioning into a solo practice   Found The Maximum Lawyer Podcast   Listened Seth Price and John Fisher’s episodes Becoming a lawyer at Price Benowitz LLP Started a conversation with Seth and John Went to meet Seth Started working as an employee of a big firm but as a

In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Parker Layrisson, a personal injury attorney who runs his own law firm in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. Listen as they go over his car accident personal injury business and the importance of community marketing in a town like Ponchatoula. Also, his struggles running his firm, how his book has helped him, podcasting and more! Parker Layrisson Law Firm   Topics: Parker’s background Ponchatoula, Louisiana Small town lawyer Specialist that does 1 thing: car accident personal injury law The firm’s beginnings Started running a satellite office for a big law firm Went on his own about