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In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Nancy Myrland, Legal Marketing Guru and owner of Myrland Marketing. Listen as they talk about her journey from traditional marketing to social and digital marketing and go over the new ways of legal marketing, including content creation, voice searches, and Amazon Flash Briefs.    Register to MaxLawCon19, June 6 and 7 in St.Louis. Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel Topics: About Nancy Works with lawyers and their legal marketers and helps them understand and integrate social and digital media into their existing marketing practices Been around in legal marketing since “the traditional marketing”

In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Andrew Stickel, owner of Social Firestarter, a marketing agency that works primarily with lawyers. Listen as they discuss different ways to market your law firm and how to differentiate from other law firms. Topics: Andrew’s presentation The beginnings of his digital marketing agency for lawyers Wanted to start a new company that actually made a difference for lawyers Had a lot of lawyer contacts The value of niching down and just specializing on working with lawyers You get really good on 1 area: “Jack of all trades, master of none” “All of our

In this episode, Tyson and Seth will go over the fundamentals of digital marketing and SEO.      Seth’s digital marketing company: https://blusharkdigital.com/   4 Fundamentals “When somebody comes to me and says: hey my website is not performing the way I want to, more often than not 1 or more of those areas is being neglected or ignored.”   Content: Links: Coding component: Local component (Google My Business: REVIEWS!)   “What’s difficult is executing on each of theses areas, and consistently month after month continuing to move the needle, to demonstrate to Google that you are an authority in

In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Seth Prince and John Fisher! They will dive into their marketing going through their systems, strategies, advice to people going solo, the future of marketing, and more!   John’s podcast episode His firm: https://protectingpatientrights.com/   Seth’s podcast episode His firm: https://blusharkdigital.com/   Referral Marketing VS Online Marketing. Which is better?   John has a strong history with referral marketing; his medical malpractice firm thrives on referrals from other attorneys… He will over his systems in place and different strategies.   “Basically they were transferring the trust that they’d built up with their client

In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Hayden and David Haskins, owners of Haskins & Company a Law Firm Marketing Company. They will go over their background, their business setup, and their law marketing work and strategies, paying special attention to how to hire the right marketing and social media company for your law firm. Listen to the episode to learn some great tactics to choose the right fit for your company.

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