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In this Pop-Up episode, Tyson interviews Ryan Anderson, Co-Founder & CEO of Filevine; a case management software for the modern law firm. Topics: Introduction: what is Filevine? Conversations: Filevine relies on conversational case management All different channels brought to a centralized location An easy answer to: “What’s going on with my case?” If you use email, you know how to use Filevine. Very easy to use. Integration: Filevine is the only case management software on the market that integrates email on local and mobile device Reduction of intra office email Popular features: Text messaging Communication: easy media transfer Reduction of

In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Paul Yokabitus, an estate planning attorney who has just launched his own firm: Cary Estate Planning, from North Carolina. Topics: His mindset Background: His early days as an attorney Work experience: the advantage of working at a firm before opening your own Learning systems, processes, workflows and customers Referral networks How has he spent his time in the ramp up to launching the firm: Research Took lessons learned from previous firm, and impriving Listening to the book Clockwork, by Mike Michalowicz Marketing: Creating and maintaining deep relationships over time with clients and with

In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Harlan Schillinger a Legal Marketing expert, strategist and consultant. They will go over what was like to advertise back then, the main changes in marketing and advertising nowadays, and common mistakes lawyers do. Legal Advertising in the early 80’s “We then went out across the country and we met with law firms. That was the challenge. I went to the Yellow Pages, I opened up the book and I looked for the biggest add. I called the lawyer up and I said; I have something I’d like to run by you. And they

In this pop-up episode, Tyson interviews Diana Stepleton, VP Partner Engagement at Ruby Receptionists. Good news! Ruby Receptionists is launching a new product specifically designed for solo lawyers, and Diana will tell us everything about it. “That caller is so much more likely to become a client when a nice friendly person answers the phone.”   The Solo Product Designed trully for a solo, it provides a phone number and it provides Ruby’s app; with 30 minutes of receptionist time. If most of the time you are available and you are taking your own calls, but sometimes you are in

In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Noemi Puntier-Vasquez, an immigration attorney in Atlanta, Georgia. Since the 2018 Maximum Lawyer Conference Noemi has done a lot of improvements in the way she runs her law firm. We will go over this improvements and she will explain us how this changes have helped her grow her business. Lessons learned starting her own firm: “When you don’t have the experience and you are looking to get a mentor or someone you are going to hold hands with, you need to do your homework because you’re holding hands with someone else’s reputation that

In this episode, Tyson and Seth will go over the fundamentals of digital marketing and SEO.      Seth’s digital marketing company:   4 Fundamentals “When somebody comes to me and says: hey my website is not performing the way I want to, more often than not 1 or more of those areas is being neglected or ignored.”   Content: Links: Coding component: Local component (Google My Business: REVIEWS!)   “What’s difficult is executing on each of theses areas, and consistently month after month continuing to move the needle, to demonstrate to Google that you are an authority in

In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Seth Prince and John Fisher! They will dive into their marketing going through their systems, strategies, advice to people going solo, the future of marketing, and more!   John’s podcast episode His firm:   Seth’s podcast episode His firm:   Referral Marketing VS Online Marketing. Which is better?   John has a strong history with referral marketing; his medical malpractice firm thrives on referrals from other attorneys… He will over his systems in place and different strategies.   “Basically they were transferring the trust that they’d built up with their client

In this episode, Jim and Tyson will catch up with each other. They will go over what’s been going on with their businesses and then dive in into this week’s topic: where are they going to be 25 years from now. Also, they will discuss about building a culture in a law firm and BHAGS.     This episode is all about building for the future, expanding, and putting in place systems that will allow us to grow; Innovating and improving ourselves.   BHAGS – Big Hairy Audacious Goal   “If you pick the wrong BHAG, your setting your firm

In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Jason Selk. Jason is considered to be one of the top performance coaches in the United States; he trains individuals and teams to develop the mental toughness necessary for high-level success. They will go over the importance of having a performance mindset in your life and your business, and how mental toughness can help you grow your firm. Jason’s Website   Are you fighting it out to the very end?   The importance of confidence: The perfectionist mindset VS. the performance mindset. Self confidence is the number one variable for all performers. What