Author: Jim Hacking

Between crossing the 100th episode mark and hosting our first MaxLawCon, 2018 was Maximum Lawyer’s biggest year yet. Here’s a look back at this year’s 10 most downloaded episodes. 10. The Skills To Run A Successful Law Firm And Be A Good Lawyer ML089  542 Downloads. In this episode, Jim and Tyson discussed the different kind of skills you need to run a successful law firm and be a good lawyer. 9. Marketing Strategies of a Successful Law Firm ML092 545 Downloads. In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Chuck Boyk. We discussed his career as a solo practitioner and the philosophy

It was the best of marketing, it was the worst of marketing. Bad marketing.  It is all around us. Good marketing pops up from time to time, but you have to look for it. Bad Marketing Message My commute to work is about eight minutes.  Two Billy Joel songs and I’m there. Straight down Manchester – quick and easy. For some reason, we have a lot of banks in St. Louis.  Someone told me it is because we have a branch of the Federal Reserve here in the Gateway City.  But I don’t know if that is true. On my

In my case, the thought came to me gradually and over time. The Missouri Bar had deigned to bestow a law license on me in 1997, more than ten years before the thought of opening my own law firm really began to occupy my thoughts on a regular basis. But I suppose that, even before I went to law school, I had entertained the notion of running my own law firm. Doing my own thing. When I was 20 years old, my father threw caution to the wind and left behind a steady paycheck with the idea of building an